Diez notas sobre los sistemas de evaluación de los aprendizajes

Reflexiones en curso Nº5 sobre Cuestiones fundamentales y actuales del currículo, el aprendizaje y la evaluación :

Dix observations sur les systèmes d’évaluation de l’apprentissage

Réflexion en cours n°5 sur Les principaux enjeux actuels en matière de curriculum, d’apprentissage et d’évaluation:

Ten notes on systems for assessing learning processes

Abstract: Juan Carlos Tedesco, a renowned and prestigious educator, shares his perspective on gauging and assessing learning

Khrawboklang Tangsong – ASER through my eyes

It was in the year 2008 that I came to know about ASER. I was doing my Masters in Social Work when our teacher told us that we will be taking part in a survey, we didn’t know what kind of survey but all of us were excited that the organization will pay us for doing it (hahaha).

Shaik Nazmal – Life in ASER

I am a simple guy with a simple lifestyle. I used to work in the pharmaceutical industry as a commercial officer where my role was handling dispatches to domestic and international customers. After working for almost 2 years there, I felt I was living a mechanical life but this continued only until I joined ASER.

Making the “Learning Generation” a Reality: Let’s Act on the Education Commission Report

Gulalai Ahmadzai, just short of her 10th birthday and travelling a long distance in a convoy from South Waziristan near the Afghan border to Gadap near the Arabian Sea in the city of Karachi, looks bewildered.

Rashmika Das – When ASER happened to me…

6 months back when I should have put in all my concentration on writing my end semesters well, I wondered about what I would do next. With absolutely no plans whatsoever in my brain, I packed my bags and moved to Delhi.

Because I Could Not Read an SMS

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the World Literacy Day, Rosa Naliaka celebrates two important milestones: her 30th birthday, and winning her war against illiteracy. Nowadays, by 7.00 am Naliaka has caught up with her e-mails, updated her Facebook page, and connected with friends on WhatsApp and Instagram.

Improving learning outcomes in Nigeria: the urgent need to scale up education innovations

In 2014, some colleagues and I sat down to analyze Nigeria’s learning outcomes. What we found was a trend that revealed a secondary-school leaving pass rate of 30%. That is, only 3 out of 10 students who sat for these final examinations passed.