The PAL Network Learning Journey: Power to the People!

On the bus travelling from Mexico City to Xalapa, over 80 education activists and innovators from 19 Global South countries stared in disbelief, transfixed at the sheer size of these neighbourhoods. We found ourselves speeding past thousands of brightly coloured one-room houses, each one stacked carefully on top of one another.

A global learning community gains momentum in Mexico

Across valleys, mountains and pyramids in Mexico, a week of intensive learning in communities along with children, teachers and volunteers in schools, university and was an awesome experience.

Chess in the Classroom: Champions of Chiconquiaco

The first-grade classroom was tucked away in the back of the school. Thanks to the cold, the little children were dressed in bright blue track suits instead of the school uniform that the older children were wearing. It had been raining continuously from the morning. The children could not leave the classroom. They were peering through the windows curious about the visitors.

When Schooling Doesn’t Mean Learning

It was a hot summer afternoon in a village in central India. A man lay on a string cot in the shade of a mango tree while his two sons played marbles. We approached him with hesitation. “We are making a village report card of schooling and learning,” we said tentatively. “Can we ask your sons to read?”

How adult literacy programs are helping Maasai mothers in Kenya

We spent the first Friday of 2017 conversing with the women of Dol Dol, Kenya in two Manyatta Learning Centers, the Reteti and Kimanjo centers, courtesy of the Africa Educational Trust. The women converge either in a community hall or under a tree for their reading and writing lessons.