Colours of Bihar: Old and New

Crossing the Kosi Mahasetu is an experience. The highway leading to the newly constructed mega-bridge cuts through wide open huge empty spaces. The embankments that have been built around the river makes it feel like you are travelling in a mammoth bowl. The late morning hot winds whip the soil and dust into fast moving fine grey clouds that sweep across the horizon.

From Invisible to Visible: Being Able To “See” the Crisis in Learning

The group of mothers sitting in the sun in a village in north India was happy to chat. We talked about children and about their school. “Are they going to school?” I asked. “Of course,” said the mothers proudly. Some went further to say, “we even send them for private coaching after school.” “How are they doing with their education?” The common word for education in Hindi is the same as reading-writing. The chatter stopped. One mother looked at me sternly and said, “How do we know? We are illiterate.