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We generate robust evidence on learning outcomes through oral one-on-one assessments conducted in households. Our assessment unit supports members with their existing CLA programmes and further guides prospective members to establish new CLAs within their countries.
In 2019, the assessment unit developed (ICAN) International Common Assessment of Numeracy. ICAN is an open-source, robust and easy-to-use assessment tool, available in 11 languages, that offers international comparability of results aligned to SDG 4.1.1 (a). The tool was developed through a collaborative effort among PAL Network member organisations in 13 low and middle- income countries across Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

The PAL Network Assessment Unit is currently responsible for coordinating the common PAL-ELANA (Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment) project as well as leading all other assessment-related activities.

Citizen Led Assessments
Common Assessments