ASER – an experience to relish forever

It was the late summer of 2006 when I had my first ASER exercise to deliver. Working with Pratham had made me aware of those weaker students who get left behind in a classroom and of the importance of learning assessments. The ASER quest to figure out the learning levels of children fuelled my interest in travelling to reach places with varied landscapes and cultures.

The two stories of ASER

We are now 10 years into ASER, and real sense of momentum is building within me. I want to thank all the partner organisations and supporters in Bihar who have helped to make ASER a reality. Stories can inspire action and there are two such stories I want to share with all of you. One story made me very happy and hopeful while the other made me feel sad but, at the same time, taught me to accept some realities of working in the social sector.

The 10th ASER: An Eye-Opener or just another Annual Report?

Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) for 2014 was released by the ASER Centre mid-January. This is their tenth report which in their own words “a way summary of what we have observed over the tenures of UPA I and II. It is also a baseline for the new government and what it has to deal with. »

Why the Poorest Girls Are Failing to Learn in Pakistan

Every year, citizens in Pakistan visit 279,427 children in homes all across the country to find the answer to one question: Are Pakistan’s children learning? Released on January 8, the fifth report of the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER)—Pakistan’s largest country-wide citizen-led household based survey—shows that despite being in school, children are not learning.

VIDEO: ASER – Looking Back, Looking Ahead – International Perspectives

On January 14, 2015, eminent panelists Madhav Chavan from Pratham Education Foundation, Lant Pritchett from Harvard Kennedy School, Ruth Levine from Hewlett Foundation and Aaron Benavot from UNESCO sat down to talk about the spread, promise and challenges of the ASER approach in tackling the learning crisis in India and outside.

Help every child learn: Don’t leave education only to educationists

For the last 10 years, the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) is being released in mid-January. The timing of the release of the report is important; it becomes public before the budget is finalised and before the annual work plans for elementary education for the next school year are completed.