Generating Evidence of a Different Kind of Rigor

Several months before I joined Twaweza East Africa, I wrote an academic paper on “schooling without learning: an analysis of the long-term implications of free primary education for income and welfare inequalities in Kenya.” I needed data to meet my objectives.

Confessions of a program officer

At the Hewlett Foundation, every program officer is limited to one eight-year term. Mine ends this week. As I reflect on my time here, I think about those moments of doubt when I wondered if I was doing meaningful work.

Tracking progress towards learning for all by 2030 in Pakistan

The countdown towards ensuring all children are learning by 2030 has begun. This is just one aspect of an ambitious set of education targets that world leaders have signed up to as part of the sustainable development goals, but is vital as a first step on the ladder to others.

Through Aditi’s Eyes: The Importance of Early Grade Assessment in Tracking Children’s Learning

Meet Aditi. Aditi is 11 years old. Aditi lives with her mother and younger sister Didi, who is 7 years old. They live on the outskirts of Mumbai, in a waste-picking community. Aditi and Didi have lived here ever since they were born. Every morning, their mother leaves very early to collect used plastic to sell.

The Lakhon mein Ek Journey – Pratham’s Campaign for Assessment to Action: Taking stock – February 2016

Problem: From 2004 to 2014, ASER has provided the country with a report card on children’s enrollment and learning levels for every rural district in the country.

Want to know if children are learning? A toolkit from Uwezo

Uwezo receives many requests from around the world, from civil society organisations and others wishing to learn more about the methodology and how they might go aobut conducting their own citizen-led assessment.

PAL Network at CIES Conference in Vancouver, 6-10 March 2016

PAL Network is excited to be participating in the 60th Annual Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) Conference in Vancouver, Canada this coming March.