INTERNAL POST: PAL Network Secretariat are hiring!

INTERNAL POST: The PAL Network Secretariat is currently hiring for 2 positions from within the network: 1. Deputy Program Manager, and 2. Program Officer – Monitoring and Learning. To apply for either position, please send the following documents to copying by the close of business on Friday November 18th 2016: Cover letter (maximum of 1 page) and CV (maximum of 2 pages)

PUBLICITÉ INTERNE: le secrétariat du réseau PAL sont recrutent!

PUBLICITÉ INTERNE: le secrétariat du réseau PAL sont recrutent en interne des membres du réseau, pour deux nouveaux postes à Nairobi: 1. Gestionnaire Ajoint de Programme, et 2. Agent de programme en charge du suivi et de l’apprentissage. Pour postuler à soit poste, bien vouloir envoyer les dossiers suivants à et copier avant la fermeture des bureaux le vendredi 18 novembre 2016: 1. Lettre de motivation (maximum 1 page) et 2. CV (maximum 2 pages)Les demandes devraient faire un maximum de 3 pages, comme spécifié dans les instructions ci- dessus.

Aligning Key Initiatives in Monitoring Learning

In a recent blog on the NORRAG site, we noted that there is currently a global multiplicity of strong initiatives in generating better data on learning outcomes, oriented at Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4). And, that’s only in the area of learning outcomes. If one adds other key aspects of SDG 4 and the global and thematic indicators, the number of initiatives is almost too large to catalogue.

Celebrating East Pokot’s ‘Missionary’ teachers

It’s 8.30 am as we arrive at Tiling’wa Primary School, in the East Pokot region of Kenya. Expecting to find children finishing the first lesson of the day, we find them just leaving their morning assembly. We quickly meet the acting head teacher and introduce ourselves. He tells us that the head teacher is currently on maternity leave. Mr. Kitur is responsible for teaching Class 1. However, due to severe teacher shortages in their school, he also pops in Class 3 during the morning as they currently do not have a teacher.

ASER in a railway station

It was just walkable distance to reach the railway station. I saw a big crowd over there. Curious, I went to find out the reason. An old lady with her belongings was crying, trying to get back her luggage from the railway police. No one was bothered about her sorrow, pain, problems. After hearing the details, I went with her to the railway police. She narrated her story in front of the government railway police (GRP), who simply said to wait till his immediate boss came. Then the police officer got busy with his work like maintaining his register and asking his subordinates for a cup of tea.