Recalling Mother Tongue Lessons – a tribute to International Mother Language Day

That early morning of January 1981, my mother walked me quietly into Ndindiruku Primary School, in Central Kenya. At that time, I had never spoken a word of any other language, apart from Kikuyu.

The influence of weekly markets, ‘vandos’, on teaching and learning in Ntoroko District

Most people agree that learners need to regularly attend school in order to succeed in their academic performance. Yet absenteeism is a chronic problem in Uganda, and in Ntoroko district in particular, where both teachers and pupils tend to be routinely absent from school for various reasons.

Experiencing Citizen- Led Assessment at the foot of Mount Kenya

The 2017 new staff induction at the Peoples Action for Learning Network (PAL Network), involved training on Citizen-Led Assessments (CLAs).

Girl-child education – More needs to be done

Education is one of the most critical areas of empowerment for women, and is also an area that offers some of the clearest indicators of the discrimination women suffer.

Who learns and who does not? Examining choices for including the excluded

The discussions in Pakistan around who is in and who is out – who learns and who does not – are getting louder. And so they should, as we now have a mounting burden of unmet milestones that are piling high.