What role for Citizen Led Learning Assessments? – Moving beyond Measurement

The contribution of citizen led learning assessments (CLLA) in which community organisations conduct simple reading and/or math evaluations has rightly been celebrated. A new Results for Development Report(R4D) provides insight into their strengths, limitations and most importantly makes practical pointers on how they can be improved.

Why Citizen-Led Assessments of Educational Outcomes Matter for the Transparency and Open Data Communities

This week, Results for Development’s education team published a multi-year effort assessing the effectiveness and impact of citizen-led education assessments of student learning. The various initiatives and campaigns (“CLAs” for short) are part of a vanguard effort in the education and transparency communities to leverage volunteer-led testing

Annual Status of Education Report delivered a shock to the Indian education system

Every year since 2006, the findings of the Annual Status of Education Report have delivered a shock to the Indian education system. An all India (rural) survey carried out by education advocacy group Pratham, the report shows the proportion of children in the 5 to 16 age group who are able to perform in tests on basic reading and mathematics.

Increasing the Impact of Corporate Engagement in Education: Landscape and Challenges

Despite progress made since the start of the millennium to refocus efforts on education, progress in education has been slow and uneven with government commitments wavering. The current state of education is nothing short of a global crisis: 67 million children remain out of primary school and resource mobilization to reach the 2015 targets has fallen short by over $16 billion. Just as alarming, yet rarely discussed, are the hundreds of millions of children enrolled in school but not learning.