The right to education: reigniting learning

“Only one third of the children in East Africa have acquired the expected basic skills at the required level.” A colleague once narrated an incident that took place in one of the schools where her organisation has a programme aimed at improving teachers’ pedagogy skills. This programme targets a small number of teachers in the early Grades by offering continuous on-the-job training to teachers, aimed at improving their basic teaching skills.

Our unfinished agenda: quality education for all

“Our responsibility doesn’t end when a young girl or boy walks through the doors of a classroom. In fact, it’s at that moment our greatest responsibilities begin.” For the first time since the world rallied around the idea of universal access to education, the global community is coming together to confront the reality that we’re still far from our goal of achieving quality education for all. Even as we have seen record numbers of children enter classrooms, education continues to be out of reach for many.