What Do We Mean by a Quality Education?

Last September, the United Nations (UN) ratified 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to serve as benchmarks for every nation to ensure global prosperity, protection of the planet, and an eradication of poverty.

Does #blacklivesmatter matter? Does citizen monitoring make change?

I used to debate with my former Gates Foundation colleague Manami about the importance of #blacklivesmatter. Essentially, I took the Hilary Clinton stance: without specific policy proposals, it wouldn’t lead to real change.

Le voyage d’apprentissage du Réseau PAL : De l’évaluation à l’action !

50 militants innovateurs du domaine de l’education issus de 15 pays du Sud, se sont réunis la semaine dernière sur les rives scintillantes de la ville balnéaire de Saly sur la Petite Côte du Sénégal, afin d’examiner la prochaine étape cruciale de leur parcours d’apprentissage, lors de la 4ème réunion annuelle du Réseau PAL.

The PAL Network Learning Journey: Beyond Assessment to Action!

On the sparkling shores of the seaside town of Saly on the Petite Côte of Senegal, 50 ambitious education activists and innovators from 15 Global South countries convened last week to explore the next crucial stage of their learning journey at the 4th Annual PAL Network meeting.

Connecting Citizens and Technology may be the way to have all children attend school and learn

For around four days last week, members of the People’s Action for Learning (PAL) Network took part in the 4th annual family meeting in Saly, Senegal. PAL draws its membership from organizations undertaking citizen-led assessments (CLA) in nine countries.

Pakistan: all girls and boys in school for 12 years – a critical pathway to progress

The demand for girls education has been rising in Pakistan but remains unmet due to poor access especially at post primary levels. The current net enrolment ratio for girls is 54% at primary level, declining to 21 % at middle and 13 % at secondary level according to the 2013-14 Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement Survey.

ASER 2015 Results from Pakistan: Making the Invisible Visible

The recently launched ASER Report 2015 is a testament to civil society evidence-based activism that has drawn irreversible attention to the crisis of learning, both locally and globally.

Study: Education levels in Tamil Nadu vary between poor and average

Pratham, an NGO that works towards providing primary education and assessing educational levels of children, has completed phase one of its citizen oriented assessment system, Lakhon Mein Ek, in Tamil Nadu. The programme allows anyone to get personal understanding of educational levels of children in society.

Senegal’s Jangadoo initiative gets positive appraisals

The flagship Jangadoo initiative by the Cheikh Anta Diop University’s Lartes branch has received positive appraisals by foreign participants at an educational meeting looking into improving the quality of learning among children which began in the Senegalese resort of Saly on Tuesday.

The ASER journey: What now?

The ASER journey that started relatively quietly in the summer of 2008 has apparently ended with a bang with the publication of the final report in 2015.