Article 25-A, Transition from Law to Implementation – 7 Years Down the Road, where do we stand?

With: 23 million children out of school; almost half of the 10 year old students having achieved the linguistic competence of a 6 year old (in either their mother tongue or in Urdu); 50% of grade 5 lacking competency of grades 2 (Maths, Urdu/Pashto/Sindhi and English); 42% of government primary schools in the rural areas without electricity; 40% lacking access to clean drinking water and 49% lacking functioning toilets, we can clearly reveal that education is NOT a priority across Pakistan.

Uganda’s children can learn if we all play our part

On a warm Sunday morning, an Uwezo Uganda team and I set off on a journey aboard a bus to Ngora District for a five-day assignment as an assessor.

Mobilizing the power of volunteers through citizen led assessments

Engaging citizens in action for development is nothing new. For years, civil society organizations have tried to engage with citizens to improve transparency and accountability.

Savouring the complexity of policy making at the Uwezo report launch in Tanzania

Monday 10th April 2017 was a momentous day in Tanzania, and worth noting for the Sustainable Development Goal 4, as the Uwezo learning assessment report was launched in Dodoma.