Citizen Action for Education: TPC Mozambique launches its maiden Findings

Across Africa, and indeed the global South, a wind of change is blowing. Citizens from all walks of life have awakened to the realisation that they are the change their countries need.

Are Children Learning in Mozambique? Part II

It didn’t take long to locate our first sampled household. As the scorching morning sun rose higher in the sky, Nathepo’s village elder – Sr. Vahocha – led us away from the empty school building, down one of many sandy pathways towards the scattered collection of mud brick houses with neatly thatched roofs of dried grass.

PAL Network participates in the Education Equity Initiative’s new Task Team on Disability

Launched in March 2016, the Education Equity Research Initiative aims to inform policy and programming on effective ways of strengthening equity in and through education systems.

PAL’s Influence Networks

PAL Network recently mapped the influence networks of the senior leadership teams who are involved on various committees, advisory boards, Task Forces and other coalitions and networks all over the world.

LEARNigeria Scales Up to Six States

PAL Network member, LEARNigeria is a citizen-led household survey of learning in Nigeria. An acronym for ‘Let’s Engage, Assess & Report Nigeria’, the programme is aimed at generating evidence on the foundational numeracy and literacy skills in Nigerian children.

Engaging Local Council Chairpersons in Uganda

On a warm Sunday morning, an Uwezo Uganda team and I set off on a journey aboard a bus to Ngora District for a five-day assignment as an assessor.

A Glimpse of ASER 2016 Monitoring Field Survey – Exploring the Untold Stories from Pakistan

Walking through the unpaved path between the houses made up of bricks, leading to a village government school in Charsada, made me feel excited and filled with enthusiasm that I couldn’t wait to see the learners and the teachers.

Bright and Early: How financing pre-primary education gives every child a fair start in life

A severe lack of investment in early years education is putting millions of children at a disadvantage before they even start school, warns a report from Theirworld.

Are Children Learning in Mozambique? Part I

The bright morning sun rose impatiently, streaming through the window as the alarm clock signalled that dawn had arrived. We arose at the same time as the signing birds to prepare for the 30km drive to the rural village of Nathepo in the Rapale District of northern Mozambique.

Literacy assessments: the importance of reading with understanding

“Literacy stands at heart of the 2030 Agenda. It is a foundation for human rights, gender equality, and sustainable societies. It is essential to all our efforts to end extreme poverty and promote well-being for all people.” Ban Ki-Moon, 2016