Many East African kids attend school – but not enough are actually learning

Much has been written about the failings of primary education systems in East Africa. Teachers are often lambasted for being absent from school, for being poorly motivated, and even for lacking basic knowledge about the subjects they teach. It’s not all bad: genuine successes have been registered in improving enrollment rates.

‘Asering’ education

SINCE 2008 the Annual State of Education Report (Aser) has emerged as an annual exercise which is impatiently awaited. Mainly focusing on children’s learning levels in school in the rural areas, Aser is now recognized as a fairly accurate assessment of the quality of education in Pakistan.

The Gifts We Received in 2015

As people around here headed out the door for a week of vacation filled with family, friends, and yes, Christmas presents, I asked a few of my colleagues in the Global Development and Population Program what gifts they’d already gotten this year from our grantees.

Realizing Human Potential through Better Use of Assessment and Data in Education

To identify talent and foster success across society, assessment science and practice along with predictive analytics will need to become drivers for change.

Tu vecino, el evaluador

Con un ingreso per cápita de menos de 1.500 dólares y una población de 1,25 millones de personas, India lleva a cabo la evaluación administrada por ciudadanos más grande del mundo. Este año, el Informe sobre el Estado Anual de la Educación (ASER, por sus siglas en inglés) celebra su décimo aniversario.

Should Your Next-Door Neighbor Assess Your Daughter’s Reading Skills?

With a per capita income of less than USD 1,500 and a population of 1.25 billion, India runs arguably the largest citizen-led assessment in the world. This year, the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

A day in village Amriti, Malda – Lakhon mein Ek campaign in the ground

Imran Nadab an energetic young boy no more than 8 years of age, clad in shorts and dirty vests, a catapult dangling from his fingers, is surprised to see us in his neighborhood. ‘Sir’, he shouts looking at my colleague, Mahaprasad Dutta, one of our cluster coordinators in English Bazar block of Malda district in West Bengal.