MIA Educational Interventions

The Medición Independiente de Aprendizajes (MIA) (Independent Assessment of Learning) Project is part of the PAL Network, conducting citizen-led assessments in Mexico.

Countries, Experts and Agencies Meet to Measure Progress toward Education 2030

Given the time it can take to mobilize around development goals and establish effective monitoring systems to track progress, the 2030 deadline for the achievement of the global goal on education is just around the corner.

A global learning community gains momentum in Mexico

Across valleys, mountains and pyramids in Mexico, a week of intensive learning in communities along with children, teachers and volunteers in schools, university and was an awesome experience.

Chess in the Classroom: Champions of Chiconquiaco

The first-grade classroom was tucked away in the back of the school. Thanks to the cold, the little children were dressed in bright blue track suits instead of the school uniform that the older children were wearing. It had been raining continuously from the morning. The children could not leave the classroom. They were peering through the windows curious about the visitors.

CIESAS. México en el Diván. “Los aprendizajes al centro”

¿Para qué sirve ir a la escuela? ¿Es importante ir a la escuela?
Preguntamos esto a más de 12000 niños y jóvenes en el sureste dentro del proyecto “Medición Independiente de Aprendizajes-MIA” desarrollado por CIESAS y la Universidad Veracruzana. Las respuestas son contundentes.

EVIDENCE FOR ACTION Citizen-led learning assessments enable educators, parents and volunteers to close learning gaps in rural India

Citizen volunteer Amol Moghe sets out to conduct learning assessments in a remote village in western India. Upon arriving at the village of Pimpri in Maharashtra state’s Aurangabad district, he greets the villagers, explains why he’s there, and asks for permission from the village leader to conduct a learning assessment survey.

People’s Action for Learning Network: What a difference a year makes

What a difference a year makes. Last week in Nairobi, when we woke to find a grey blanket of fog wrapped around our conference centre, it was hard to believe that only a year ago, the founding directors of our citizen-led assessment movement set up the People’s Action for Learning (PAL) Network.

People’s Action for Learning Network (PAL Network): from assessment to action

The People’s Action for Learning Network (PAL Network) upends the usual mechanisms for learning assessments: bringing together nine countries[1], it assesses basic reading and numeracy competencies of all children, in their homes, through annual citizen-led assessments.

Achieving Education for All

Using the Education for All (EFA) global movement as the setting, this book surveys the complex labyrinths of international education policy making, the design and implementation of system-wide educational reform, and the assessment of learning outcomes in the African context.

PAL Network Position Statement on SDG4

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by 193 member countries of the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015 represent a renewed focus for inclusive, lifelong and equitable education.