PAL Network Highlights 2023


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Ramya Vivekanandan

Senior Education Specialist, Global Partnership for Education, USA
Research Interests: Educational quality Learning assessment Teacher policy

Prof. Felipe Hevia

Director, Medición Independiente de Aprendizajes (MIA), Mexico
Research Interests: Society and state Citizen participation Accountability

Baela Raza Jamil

Chief Executive Officer, Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA), Pakistan
Research Interests: Children Learning Girls’ education Special needs education

Daniel Plaut

Senior Program Officer, R4D. Innovation Learning Lead, Edtech Hub, USA
Research Interests: Education Innovations, EdTech, Evaluation and Adaptive Learning, Teacher

Dana Schmidt

Senior Program Officer, Echidna Giving, USA
Research Interests: Early childhood development Adolescent skills and mindsets Children’s learning

Dr. Benjamin Alcott

Lecturer, University College London, Institute of Education, UK
Research Interests: Access to schooling, Quality of state and non-state educational provision

Prof. Caroline Dyer

Professor of Education and International Development, University of Leeds, UK
Research Interests: Education and social inclusion, Policy development accountability in education

Dr. Sylvia Schmelkes

Academic Vice-president, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico
Research Interests: Intercultural education values

Prof. Jose Antonio

Professor of Anthropology and Linguistics, Centre for Research and Higher Studies in Social Anthropology, Mexico
Research Interests: Culture and language sociolinguistics

Dr. Rabea Malik

CEO and Research Fellow, IDEAS Pakistan
Research Interests: Primary and secondary education, inclusive education, school-based management

Rajib Timalsina

Co-director, ASER Nepal
Research Interests: Peace education, social well-being, gender

Dr. Richard Shukia

Lecturer, University of Dar es salaam, Tanzania
Research Interests: Early literacy and numeracy development and assessment

Dr. Godfrey Telli

Independent Researcher/Consultant, Tanzania
Research Interests: Civic engagement, youth empowerment

Dr. Fredrick Wamalwa

Senior Education Specialist,
African Development Bank Group, Kenya Research Interests: Health and education, youth and skill

Prof. Venita Kaul

Professor Emerita (Education),
Ambedkar University, India Research Interests: Teacher Education, early childhood education