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Pakistan: all girls and boys in school for 12 years – a critical pathway to progress

The demand for girls education has been rising in Pakistan but remains unmet due to poor access especially at post primary levels. The current net enrolment ratio for girls is 54% at primary level, declining to 21 % at middle and 13 % at secondary level according to the 2013-14 Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement Survey.

12 Years of Schooling Can Help End Child Marriage in Pakistan

Last week, I visited a village in the Northern Sindh province of Pakistan. There was much excitement building up with the construction of a new government girls’ school with state-of-the-art classrooms, a library, toilet facilities, and clean water supply. Everyone gathered around, spanning three generations of women, and shared their aspirations of what they hoped their sisters, daughters, and granddaughters would achieve with the chance to go to school.