Entradas por Baela Raza Jamil

A People’s Global Network on Learning is Born

While Kenya and Nairobi were at a standstill preparing for the US President Barack Obama’s Airforce I to land on July 24 for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, in another beautiful scenic setting, a global network on learning was born! The network will help hold countries accountable for ensuring their children are not just in school, but also learning. Committed to transparently conducting citizen-led household based assessments on learning, the network will increasingly enable communities to hold their leaders to account; it will support the call for lifelong learning for all – central to the new SDG on education.

Working for quality education in Pakistan, an LMTF Learning Champion

The global community has failed dismally in meeting the challenge of providing all children with a quality education. This education failure is tragically apparent in Pakistan, the world’s sixth most populous country. This failure of learning is evident both in the results of public sector examinations and private sector citizen-led household-based assessments like ASER Pakistan.

Why the Poorest Girls Are Failing to Learn in Pakistan

Every year, citizens in Pakistan visit 279,427 children in homes all across the country to find the answer to one question: Are Pakistan’s children learning? Released on January 8, the fifth report of the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER)—Pakistan’s largest country-wide citizen-led household based survey—shows that despite being in school, children are not learning.