Citizen-led educational monitoring shows promise

According to a review undertaken by Charlotte Waters at the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), the citizen-led approach being used in India, Mali, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda is yielding reliable information about children’s basic learning levels, measuring change in these levels and raising awareness of local issues.

Through Aditi’s Eyes: The Importance of Early Grade Assessment in Tracking Children’s Learning

Meet Aditi. Aditi is 11 years old. Aditi lives with her mother and younger sister Didi, who is 7 years old. They live on the outskirts of Mumbai, in a waste-picking community. Aditi and Didi have lived here ever since they were born. Every morning, their mother leaves very early to collect used plastic to sell.

The Lakhon mein Ek Journey – Pratham’s Campaign for Assessment to Action: Taking stock – February 2016

Problem: From 2004 to 2014, ASER has provided the country with a report card on children’s enrollment and learning levels for every rural district in the country.

Does #blacklivesmatter matter? Does citizen monitoring make change?

I used to debate with my former Gates Foundation colleague Manami about the importance of #blacklivesmatter. Essentially, I took the Hilary Clinton stance: without specific policy proposals, it wouldn’t lead to real change.

Le voyage d’apprentissage du Réseau PAL : De l’évaluation à l’action !

50 militants innovateurs du domaine de l’education issus de 15 pays du Sud, se sont réunis la semaine dernière sur les rives scintillantes de la ville balnéaire de Saly sur la Petite Côte du Sénégal, afin d’examiner la prochaine étape cruciale de leur parcours d’apprentissage, lors de la 4ème réunion annuelle du Réseau PAL.

The PAL Network Learning Journey: Beyond Assessment to Action!

On the sparkling shores of the seaside town of Saly on the Petite Côte of Senegal, 50 ambitious education activists and innovators from 15 Global South countries convened last week to explore the next crucial stage of their learning journey at the 4th Annual PAL Network meeting.

Connecting Citizens and Technology may be the way to have all children attend school and learn

For around four days last week, members of the People’s Action for Learning (PAL) Network took part in the 4th annual family meeting in Saly, Senegal. PAL draws its membership from organizations undertaking citizen-led assessments (CLA) in nine countries.

The ASER journey: What now?

The ASER journey that started relatively quietly in the summer of 2008 has apparently ended with a bang with the publication of the final report in 2015.

Senegal: Gap in children’s education surmountable – ASER

The head of the Indian wing of the ASER Rukmini Banerji has expressed optimism that the gap between expectations and the current situation of children’s education in her country and elsewhere would be eventually plugged with greater involvement by Pal Network and other partners.