Halfway through 2017: Is the glass half full? Highlights from the PAL Network 5th Steering Committee meeting

The fifth Steering Committee meeting of the People’s Action for Learning Network (PAL Network) was held in Nairobi Kenya, on 24th and 25th August 2017.

PAL Network contributions to SDG 4 monitoring

PAL Network organised a consultative meeting with experts  familiar with citizen-led assessments and engaged in forums and advisory groups developing indicators designed to measure countries’ progress towards the SDG4.

My Teachers, The Special Heroes!

I remember I was about six years, I had mixed excitement and fears. My mother took me to Mvuleni pre-school where I met Mr. Jela, the only teacher in the school.

Shaping the next generation: Supporting Teachers to succeed

As the world celebrates the 20th anniversary of the World Teachers’ Day, I cannot help but recall vividly the moments I spent in the classroom, right from pre-school to college.

Literacy, key to inclusive and digital societies

Every September 8, on International Literacy day, my thoughts go to the illiterate women in Kenya. A day that reminds me of the significant proportion of women who are illiterate.

Can localized actions to teacher and pupil attendance work? – Emerging perspectives from the Husika initiative in Kenya

It is a bright Thursday morning at 9:00 am as we arrive in Kilimani village in Kilifi. We meet with three girls walking from school to home and we stop to inquire. They have been sent home to fetch money for paying teachers.

Cameroon and Swaziland Exposure visit to Citizen Led Assessments

Towards the end of June 2017, delegations from Cameroon and Swaziland visited Uwezo Uganda to learn more about the Citizen-Led Assessment (CLA) approach. The visit was hosted in Mukono District in the central part of Uganda.

Secret Recipe for Improving Learning Outcomes in Kenya

Recently in the 42nd Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (KESSHA) conference in Mombasa, Kenya’s Ministry of Education and the Teachers Service Commission colourfully awarded the Principal of the Year Award (POYA) and Teacher of the Year Award (TOYA).

Citizen Action for Education: TPC Mozambique launches its maiden Findings

Across Africa, and indeed the global South, a wind of change is blowing. Citizens from all walks of life have awakened to the realisation that they are the change their countries need.

PAL’s Influence Networks

PAL Network recently mapped the influence networks of the senior leadership teams who are involved on various committees, advisory boards, Task Forces and other coalitions and networks all over the world.