TaRL Workshop in India: Told in Tweets

From 14th to 18th November, 20 participants from 12 countries convened at Pratham’s PACE Centre in Aurangabad, India for a week-long workshop that focused on Pratham’s ‘Teaching at the Right Level’ (TaRL) model. 15 participants were drawn from the People’s Action for Learning Network (PAL Network).

Pratham was founded over 20 years ago in India. Right from inception, the mission was ‘every child in school and learning well’. In 2005 Pratham facilitated the first national Annual Status of Education Report (ASER). ASER data shows that close to 100 million children in India are at least 2-3 years behind where they are expected to be according to the curriculum expectations.

The TaRL methodology evolved as a result of the nationwide ‘Read India’ movement that Pratham has been facilitating for a decade. The objective of the movement is that all children in India should be able to read, write and do basic maths. The TaRL model begins by assessing children using simple 1-on-1 tests, and then grouping them according to their learning level rather than age or grade. The instructor facilitates a series of short fun and interactive games and activities to help children acquire basic skills to move them to the next level.

Participants from the PAL Network have demonstrated strong interest in using the data collected from citizen-led assessments to facilitate targeted programs to improve learning for children who have been left behind. The TaRL methodology is the perfect fit for the PAL Network of countries conducting regular household-based, citizen-led assessments of basic learning across 3 continents.

As a result of the TaRL workshop, 7 PAL Network countries have committed to planning and executing their own TaRL pilot within the next 6 months. The PAL Network will meet again in May 2018 to update each other on progress made and plan for the next phase of the work.

To learn more about TaRL, click here: http://pratham.org/impact/documents